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Terry Lee      March 15, 2020

"#thelashe is the bomb. Best lashes and glue period. I've used this company for years I will never change #terryleelashes #lashextensions"

Steamboat Springs, CO
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Nora Monteilh      March 14, 2020

"I'm very satisfied with the lashes and glue, my customers are happy with the quality, natural look and how much longer they stay on. The Lashe has given me more business and an excellent reputation."

Hammond, LA
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Taya Covey      December 4, 2019

"I love their volume glue!! The retention is amazing!"

Alberta, Canada
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Brenda Sylvester      September 27, 2019

"I love the adhesive, I've been using it for a couple of years now and the customer service is amazing!"

Flirty Lashes and Spa
Oaklawn, IL
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Emilee Johnson      September 22, 2019

"@thelashe I love your mink strip lashes. I feel so empowered and dangerous in them!"

Buffalo, NY
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Michelle Peterson      September 11, 2019

"Fabulous adhesive for professional use. Low fumes with great retention. It is my go-to adhesive for eyelash extensions!"

Lashes West
St. Paul, MN
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Janeida Smith      August 27, 2019

"My client retention has increased since using The Lashe products. I’ve even sent all the lash techs I know to The Lashe for products and continuing education. The adhesive is THE BEST on the market!!!! Would never ever use ANYTHING else!"

The Brow Girl
Sugar Hill, GA
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Myndee Ellis      August 17, 2019

"I highly recommend the products and experience you will receive at The Lashe. I am a lash artist and have been using the product line for 3 years. The quality of the adhesive, lashes, and aftercare are the best I have ever used. All of my lash guests appreciate the soft and natural look and feel of their extensions. The one on one training I received helped me to feel more confident in my application and I highly recommend investing in their training classes as well."

Myndee's Organic Skincare
Carthage, NY
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Brittany Ristau      August 16, 2019

"I’m a professional eyelash tech for almost 5 years now and this company has the best products! From professional use to at home use. All of my clients absolutely love them. Everyone is so friendly and always super nice. Shipping is quick and easy. Just absolutely LOVE!!"

Peru, IL
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Chela Toledo      August 16, 2019

"I’ve been doing lash extensions for about 4 years now and The Lashe has by far been the BEST lash company I’ve used. From their rapid dry adhesive being my favorite to their aftercare products, I love them all!! If I ever have questions, I always experience quick and friendly service. Shipping is super fast and worth the price! Would recommend to all!"

Rumors Salon & Day Spa
Kankakee, IL
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Patricia Krasusky      August 16, 2019

"The Lashe adhesives are the best on the market hands down. I have tried just about every glue on the market and not one has the lash retention of The Lashe. It is a little tricky to work with at first; as with most things, but after watching the video and a little practice working with The Lashe glue it becomes second nature."

Pure Life Day Spa
Royal Oak, MI
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January Brandt      August 16, 2019

"I’ve been using The Lashe for around 4 years. I love their glue, it performs well in all seasons! I live in Minnesota and it can be -20 or 105 and the glue always performs the same. My clients love the the way the lashes feel and last."

Simonson's Salon &Spa
Coon Rapids, MN
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Valerya F.      August 6, 2019

"I live in Greece and The Lashe products are the best I have ever used. I have gotten the conditioner, mascara and Lashe strips for my personal use. The conditioner is amazing because of its all-natural vitamins and works better than taking Biotin alone. My lashes are thicker, longer and glossy. The mascara is magnificent - no clumping and the best applicator wand in the beauty industry. The strips are made so well. As long as you clean properly they last for a long time. I’ve had the Alexis and Phoebe for 2 years now and they still look brand new. I also have the lash extensions and bring them to my stylist here to use. The softest extensions we have ever seen and felt. The price and the international shipping is worth every dollar spent. Thank you!!!!!"
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Eminence Lash & Beauty      July 12, 2019

"I’ve been retailing the Lashe Gel Cleanser for about 6 years now. Myself and my lovely clients swear by it! Customer service is always perfection. Love this company!"
Southington, CT
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Paula Perin      July 2, 2019

"I tried the sampler of the rapid dry lash glue and while I found it costly (shipping to Canada is astronomical for such a tiny item) I will keep buying. It is truly the best I’ve used and I’ve tried them all. There are good Canadian brands but The Lashe far outperforms. It doesn’t crystallize and it has great lasting power. What’s more, their customer service team is excellent. Timely response and friendly service. Thank you Kathy and Alexis!"
Langley, British Columbia
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Nicole Littrell      June 28, 2019

"My Favorite Brand!!!!😍😍 My must haves and adhesive are the silicone eye pads, eye cleansers, rapid dry adhesive...It has the best retention and the lashe conditioner! Those are always loved! ❤"
Greenville, TX
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Fawn Rustand      June 24, 2019

"Thank you for being the BEST lash company out there."
Luverne, MN
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Jennifer H      May 10, 2019

"The best mink lashes I've used. Super easy to peel back the lashes; super soft. I also tried their glue and I've seen great results. I've had problems with my glues holding and my clients are now getting an extra week of hold. Great products and will definitely buy again."
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Vivian Ritter      April 2, 2019

"I love the THE LASHE products. I ordered the Lashe Cleansing Gel, Lashe Mascara, Lashe Conditioner and Restorative Under Eye Gel Patches. Getting Lashe extensions you need to take care of them and your eyes . Maricris from the Lashe and Kathryn educated me on how to maintain my lashes. I love love love!.The Lashe cleansing gel is able to break down oils that develop from my makeup and this will maintain the adhesive from breaking down. The Lashe conditioner helped my natural lashes stay moisturized and provided the nutrients that they needed by softening the hairs themselves and smoothing over the outer layer of the hair shaft, which can be damaged from day-to-day. The Lashe mascara considering is one of the most popular cosmetic on the market, that’s something most everyone could benefit from and it left my eyelashes with volume. The under the eye gel patch is AMAZING !!! When you don’t sleep half the time , I normally give my eyes a lift with these patches . Thank you “ The Lashe “ Love my eyes!"

Highland Park, IL
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Leah Blaneton      February 9, 2019

"Best lash glue i've used. My friend got me the sampler to try it out. Super great hold. My clients are lasting another week." via google

Angela Rose      November 15, 2018

"I just wanted to let you know how much I love The Lashe adhesive! I had a client come in for a two week fill in today, and I had to search for lashes to fill in. Her extensions still looked amazing! This is THE BEST lash extension adhesive! I LOVE IT!"

Jackson, Georgia
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Sydney G      September 10, 2018

"I’m obsessing over my new products from #thelashe I love the way these look and they last FOREVER!!! New volume lashes."

Sydney G Makeup
Phoenix, Arizona
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Honey Lash      July 23, 2018

"Tri-weekly fill. This retention is AUTHENTIC thanks to @thelashe and their magnificent adhesive. Not only is the adhesive great at holding the extension based, none of my clients complain about the fumes and it is the equivalent of medical grade suture adhesive. A little goes a long way with this black gold."

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Debra Andrus      March 23, 2018

"[The Lashe products] Make your eyes beautiful and will save time"

Colleyville, Texas
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Blink Beauty      January 13, 2018

We love @thelashe Mascara and recommend it to all of our lash extension clients looking for even more *oomph*. This amazing mascara lengthens, separates, and volumes, and can be used on all lash extensions - no lash loss here, just super glam eyes!

Blink Beauty
Austin, Texas
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Stacy Frederick: sfrederick009@gmail.com      December 20, 2017

The best lash adhesive in the business! The Lashe has the best lash extension products and I won't use anything less on my clients.

Stacey Frederick
Los Angeles, California
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Blink Salon: clarice@blinksalonandspa.com      November 16, 2017

We LOVE The Lashe adhesive and products here at Blink Salon! It is the best holding adhesive we have. It has a nice consistency and just clings to the lash as you are working. Dries almost instantly. Is slightly flexible so the extensions don't get 'crunchy' especially when the client is using the Lashe Conditioner at home. They also have beautiful lashes that are always consistent to what they say they are, meaning there are no irregularities or variation in the sizes within the trays which we have seen as a problem with other companies. Well worth the money to use a product that is made in the USA and not have to worry about redoing your work because the clients extensions didn't hold on. That will just never happen with the Lashe adhesive!

Blink Salon
Wakefield, Massachusettes
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Trinity Salon and Spa: trina@trinitysalonandspa.ca      October 31, 2017

Professional products and great support. Love, love, love The Lashe.

Trinity Salon and Spa
British Columbia, Canada
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Ozen Salon and Spa      October 27, 2017

I’ve been using the Lashe line for my extension business for 2 years now and would not change for anything! I’ve experienced other lines and the destruction it can do to lashes. If you want a clean line that is safe for your clients and promotes healthy growth, use this line!

Ozen Salon and Spa
Austin, Texas
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Lucy Placa: lucyplaca@gmail.com      September 26, 2017

The Lashe product is by far the best out there healthy for the lashes and lasts beyond its time.

River Edge, New Jersey
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Isabel D.      September 26, 2017

If you want to create a beautiful, professional lash service for your clients you should use The Lashe Products, Education and Tools. These products are hands down the Hermes in the lash industry. You can rely on these products in every way possible. I have tried every kind of adhesive and extensions no exaggeration. The Lashe is its own class in this industry I have no reason to try any other products again. If you want to create natural beauty with confidence use the Lashe products. I have been a happy student and customer for the past 5 years.

Lotus Lash & Brow
Dallas, Texas
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Erin Moran      September 14, 2017

I have been a certified lash techichian for 11 years now and can honestly say I have tried numerous glues and lashes throughout the years. I am always looking for the best products for my clients. The Lashe has the BEST glue I have ever tried (their lashes are top notch as well). Their glue makes my job easier as the lashes don't stick to each other during application. The glue might run a little more than other lash glues, but then again you get what you pay for! I use both the volume glue and the classic lash glue. It's worth it, but don't take my word for it, try it and you will see the difference. You will be able to work at a faster pace and your clients will be thrilled with their lashes! In conclusion less time for application and more satisfied clients equal more profit for you. For the record, The Lashe not only makes your clients look beautiful but they make you look good as well!

Erin Cosmetics
Sherman Oaks, California
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Melina P      August 20, 2017

I used the First Time Rapid Dry Set yesterday and I loved them!

Rumors Salon Day Spa
Bradley, Illinois

Midtown Retreat: midtownretreat@yahoo.com      December 21, 2016

This was my first time using your products. Once I removed the old extension off the client and completely reinstalled with a new set using your Volume Rapid Dry and lashes, I loved how it felt and was very soft to the touch, not stiff, hard or sticky.

Midtown Retreat
Houston, Texas

Kaityana Villines: kclashandwax@gmail.com      November 10, 2016

I have had great retention with the Lashe adhesive. I find it very easy to work with. There isn't an odor. Overall I love it and will be buying more.

Kaityana Villines
Kansas City, Missouri

Caitlin Gilbert: relax@beautiquelove.com.au      November 4, 2016

Just wanted to let you know that I am back and have just ordered a new Rapid Dry. I was having a few clients comment about poor retention after switching last week to another glue and so I have decided that I should NEVER have swapped in the first place. Looking forward to getting my The Lashe back and using it again.

Caitlin Gilbert
Cowaramup WA, Australia

Tina Cowan: spagirl64@gmail.com      October 28, 2016

My clients are loving the lashes and I love your products.

Tina Cowan
Tustin, California

Marilyn Marmo: madge5000@gmail.com      May 9, 2016

I recently purchased a First Time Rapid Dry Buyer Set. I cannot believe how much easier it is to use this product than the one I was using previously!

Marilyn Marmo
Richfield, Minnesota

Brenda Sylvester: flirtylashes@yahoo.com      March 16, 2016

I am loving the Rapid Dry adhesive!

Brenda Sylvester
Chicago, Illinois

Shannon Simon: sksimon81@yahoo.com      February 21, 2016

I absolutely love the Rapid Dry Adhesive, the hold is better than any adhesives I have used before.

Shannon Simon
Depew, New York

Kara Ozen: ozensalonandspaofaustin@gmail.com      January 21, 2016

My experience has been a great one so far! Clients are loving their lashes and loving how long they stay on! The Rapid Dry Adhesive is amazing! Thank you so much for your support and quick responses to my questions! I am so thankful to be partnered with such an amazing and quality company!

Kara Ozen
Austin, Texas

Thavy Thorp: maigoclark@gmail.com      January 15, 2016

I absolutely love the Rapid Dry Adhesive. I can see the difference with my clients, especially during the three week fill. And the application helps me apply faster.

Thavy Thorp
Providence, Utah

Janet Bussell: jbuss8299@yahoo.com      December 12, 2015

I used the Volume Rapid Dry adhesive yesterday, and just like the first time I used the Rapid Dry...AMAZING!!!

Janet Bussell
Springfield, Missouri

Linsey Wroe: facesbylinze@gmail.com      December 2, 2015

I'm in love with the Rapid Dry adhesive! It's amazing how it doesn't stick to itself. Thank you for your time! I'm glad I found you!

Lindsey Wroe
Port St. Lucie, Florida

Rachel Hartley: bollywoodgirl2014@gmail.com      November 5, 2015

I used the Rapid Dry adhesive on a couple clients yesterday. I absolutely loved it. So easy to work with and minimal sticking to neighboring lashes.

Rachel Hartley
Firestone, Colorado

Melinda Baker: mylinda1961@gmail.com      October 29, 2015 ​​

I would like to say that all of you at The Lashe have been most helpful every time I called with a question or a comment and every one of you have gone above and beyond your Call of Duty! 

Melinda Baker
Mobile, Alabama

Eve Poythress: poythresseve@gmail.com      October 28, 2015 ​​

Both the Fume Free and Rapid Dry adhesives are awesome and my clients love the fact that I don't have to go through and separate their lashes. 

Eve Poythress 
Bellissima Lashes & Brows
Douglasville, Georgia

Jacqueline Kite: jacqkite@yahoo.com      October 27, 2015

I just used The Lashe Volume Rapid Dry adhesive for the first time today and I absolutely love it! It was so easy to work with and no fumes! 

Jacqueline Kite
Jacqueline's Spa
Fredericksburg, VA

Janette Baker: janette@learnhowtotat.com      October 16, 2015

I absolutely love the new Petite Gel Pads!  They do not move, placement is so easy and makes everything quicker. 

Janette Baker
Skin Care Spa by Janette Baker
Burley, Idaho

Katrina Osterhout: facesbykate@hotmail.com      October 14, 2015

The Petite Under Eye Gel Patches are nice because they don't move or slide up on the eye.

Katrina O.
Mechanicville, New York

Sandra Jones: sandraljones@shaw.ca      October 7, 2015

Thank you for your on going support..it’s appreciated ..I have a client that has started to develop allergies to the adhesive I’ve been using so I decided to use your Rapid Dry adhesive on her...

Fabulous results !! She loves her new lashes..I'm thrilled ..no reaction..and her lashes are staying on!!!!!!

Sandra Jones
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Rachel Chacon: rchacon_rchacon@yahoo.com      Septeber 30, 2015

I love your products and will definitely continue using them....

Rachel Chacon
Heyburn, Idaho

Brittany Cannady: cannadyb0115@yahoo.com      September 22, 2015

I love the Rapid Dry Adhesive. Best I have ever seen :)

Brittany Cannady
Salon Ramsey
Atlanta, Georgia

Deanna Jackson: djlynnieh@gmail.com      August 19, 2015

My clients are so happy with their lashes! One has had them on for about 3 weeks now and she told me she hasn't hardly lost any! She has had lashes done by others in the past and is very pleased with these! I know it's from all the remote coaching The Lashe has given me over the phone and I really appreciate that!

Deanna Jackson
Polished Beauty Studio
Eagle River, Arkansas

Sara Scollan: crazybeautifulco@gmail.com      August 14, 2015

I just want to thank The Lashe for being so awesome. I am so glad I found you, it has truly changed the game for me.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sara Scollan
Auburn, New York

Lindsay Prince: lindsayprince@ymail.com      August 11, 2015

The Rapid Dry Adhesive is a lot stronger and durable than any other adhesive I have ever used.

Lindsay Prince
Auburn, California

Cindy Truong: cindyy825@gmail.com      August 6, 2015

I am super satisfied with the Rapid Dry adhesive. My application time is much quicker and it seems to create a much better bond than my old adhesive. I've heard back from a couple of clients saying that their lashes aren't falling off much, if at all! I am definitely going to continue using The Lashe adhesive.

Cindy Truong
Garland, Texas

Kortnee Colbry: kortcolbry@yahoo.com      July 7, 2015

I love the Rapid Dry and the Fume Free adhesives. Those are the only two I'm using right now, I think they both dry quick and have good retention. I've had a lot of new clients in the past couple months and they are loving their lashes and send more referrals my way :)

Kortnee Colbry
Clackamas, Oregon

Amy Goodnight: amyrgoodnight@gmail.com      July 6, 2015

I see my clients lashes staying on longer with using the Rapid Dry Adhesive. I see the difference of hold with this adhesive.

Amy Goodnight
Whispering Pines, North Carolina

Caitlin Gilbert: caitlin@bcgilbert.com.au      July 4, 2015

​​I am very happy with the results I am getting from my extensions with using your Rapid Dry Adhesive and your whole product line.

My clients also are very happy with their results.

Caitlin Gilbert
Cowaramup, Australia

Kimberly Wiles: kimmytaz@hotmail.com     July 3, 2015

I love the Rapid Dry adhesive and so do my clients!!

Kimberly Wiles
Ellensburg, Washington

Christina Morgan: cd100@yahoo.com     June 25, 2015

I LOVE the Rapid Dry adhesive. My clients can tell a difference too! The Lashe was truly a godsend. This random email came from the Lashe and it came at a time where I was troubled with the adhesives I had been using and running out of options. The quality of the Lashe adhesive is second to none and I can confidently continue with my lash artistry while providing exceptional service and experience for my clients. Thank you!

Christina Morgan
Pflugerville, Texas

Jaime McClyment: Jamie.nicole@mail.com    June 16, 2015

I am loving the Genuine Mink lashes and how the Rapid Dry adhesive has lots of flexibility while wearing!

Jamie McClyment
Jamie's Salon
Sundre, Alberta Canada

Nora Hinkle: nora.uniquehairdesign@yahoo.com    June 12, 2015

All the products are great and my clients are very happy.

Nora Hinkle
Unique Hair Design & Day Spa
Woodland, Washington

Stephanie Hansen: steph1921@gmail.com     June 12, 2015

I truly appreciate all you do! And I love The Lashe products!

I have been very pleased with my initial purchase of the First Time Rapid Dry Buyer Set and really like the adhesive. I also love all the pointers and remote coaching that you give as part as your customer service. I will definitely be purchasing more products and trying more of the product line.

The Lashe has helped me to build a very successful business in a very short amount of time. Thank you!!!

Stephanie Hansen
Meridian, Idaho

Amy Dixon: info@thehillsalonandspa.com    June 10, 2015

I love the Rapid Dry adhesive! My work is faster and the lashes are staying in longer than my old glue. Thank you so much and I attached some pictures from one client.

Amy Dixon
The Hill Salon and Spa
Austin, Texas

Katherine Elliot: info@couturelashboutique.com     May 24, 2015

We love your adhesive so much & our clients love it even more! The retention of the adhesive is amazing. There is no need to stop & wait for the adhesive to dry & there's no sticking together of the lashes so the glue is working just as fast as we are. Our clients come back & ask us what have we done that they feel that they can go on for weeks & weeks without using mascara. Our clients are leaving happier than ever & with healthier lashes. Your glue is the best & your follow-ups & customer service is very much appreciated!

Katherine Elliot
Couture Lashe Boutique
San Antonio, Texas

Anna Piekunko: info@butterflyspa.com      May 19, 2015

I have had the chance to use the new Cleansing Gel and I LOVED IT! Definitely will be purchasing for my clientele.

Anna Piekunko
The Butterfly Spa
Crystal Lake, Illinois

Daniella Patterson: daniella@smokyeyeartistry.com     May 15, 2015

The Rapid Dry Adhesive is great and my clients really love it. It has a much longer hold time and best of all it doesn't crystallize the way other glues I've tried had.

Daniella Patterson
Smoky Eye Artistry
Lake Forest, California

Kelly Le: kellyuyenle2000@yahoo.com     May 11, 2015

I love the Volume Rapid Dry Adhesive, it easy to work with, flexible, sets instantly, and it doesn't stick together or clump. My clients are very happy with the new products.

Kelly Le
Delux Nail & Spa
Fountain Hills, Arizona

Faith Maus: gingerlash@hotmail      May 1, 2015

The Volume Rapid Dry adhesive is great! I absolutely love it! My new favorite adhesive.

Faith Maus
Kelly & Company Hair Salon
Amenia, New York

Brook Smith: brookears@gmail.com     April 16, 2015

I am very impressed with how well the Rapid Dry Adhesive holds. It’s amazing!

Brook Smith
Bountiful, Utah

Jodi Woods: jrwoods87@aol.com     April 9, 2015

Thank you for keeping in touch I really do appreciate that and like that about you all. It's nice to know that The Lashe cares so much about their techs and products. I've tried several glues, been trained by one of the so called "best" companies, and done lots of research but have never had the feedback and assistance like The Lashe gives! :)

Jodi Woods
Skin Society
Nederland, Texas

Raina Green: salonviolette@gmail.com      April 2, 2015

Over the past 12 years I've tried so many types of adhesives trying to find what works best for myself and my clients. I found that both The Volume Rapid Dry adhesive and Rapid Dry Adhesive are the best for my clients. I and my clients love the Rapid Dry Adhesive. Seems to last as long, if not longer, than any competitor I have used. And you are one of my most favorite vendors to work with! So nice and so efficient. It's much appreciated! You'll ALWAYS get a good recommendation from me :)

Raina Green
Violette Salon & Beauty Bar
Seattle, Washington

Elizabeth Graves: lashgenie@gmail.com      March 27, 2015

I like the new Volume Rapid Dry adhesive. It dries very fast and is the best adhesive I have ever used for volume lashes. I have tried everything, literally. It's great!

Elizabeth Graves
Lash Genie
Austin, Texas

Veronica Malloy: veronica@t3ex.com     March 12, 2015

I absolutely love the Volume Rapid Dry Adhesive! It's great!

Veronica Malloy
Glamoo Lash
Draper, Utah

​Angela Minges: jaynaminges@hotmail.com     February 18, 2015

I love all The Lashe products that I have purchased and have had no problems whatsoever. My clients have been super happy and prefer The Lashe over my previous products that I have used.

Angela Minges
Hamilton, Ohio

​Michelle Burns: estheticsmichelle@hotmail.com     February 17, 2015

I love the Volume Rapid Dry Adhesive! I love how it won’t allow lashes to stick together!! And how you barely need any and it’s just so different from other glues. I now know the difference between Great glues and the “other stuff” that’s out there. And I sold out of all my Lashe conditioner on day 1!

Michelle Burns
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

​Monique Capson: moniquecapson@gmail.com     Jan 23, 2015

I LOVE IT!! This is by far the best glue I've ever tried- and I feel that I've tried them all. What I love the most about this glue is that the lashes actually don't stick together. This helps with the speed of my applications. I've been doing lashes for the last 3 years full time. I've tried and have not been very happy with many of the promises from other companies of what their products have to offer. So far with The Lashe I've been over the top happy about what your products can do. They are better than I could have imagined. I can't wait to try the other products that you have as well.

Monique Capson
Serene Studio
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

​​Laura Doyle: ljd3ljd@rangeweb.net     May 16, 2014

Thank you, my customers are very happy with the fact they have no lash loss and their lashes still look Fabulous 3 weeks out!! We love your product line!!

Laura Doyle
Forsyth, Montana

​​Kandance Murray: info@ellebellabeauty.com     May 13, 2014

I have never seen anything like this adhesive. Our clients' lashes are staying on like never before.

Kandance Murrary
Washington, D.C.

​​Erin Moran: erinmcosmetics@yahoo.com      May 10, 2014

I have used the adhesive now numerous times and I absolutely love it! The application time has been drastically reduced given that I don't have to isolate the lash I'm working on as long because the adhesive dries faster and doesn't stick to the other lashes.

Erin Moran
Sherman Oaks, California

​​Aubrey Parsons: aubreyjp26@yahoo.com     Apr 29, 2014

I have experienced a fabulous hold of 3.5 - 4 weeks, flexibility, and shine. I have also experienced a faster application time because there is no cross bonding and I don't have to use as much. There is no smell or odor with the Rapid Dry. My clients are AMAZED at how long their lashes are staying on, and I'm not using very much glue at all. I'm in complete love with your products!

Aubrey Parsons
Nampa, Idaho

​​Nicole Dobson: ennisniki@hotmail.com      Feb 28, 2014

Love this adhesive. Wow! Cut a half hour off my usual 2 hours for a set.

Nicole Dobson,
Regina, SK, Canada

​​Lisa Frank: lisafrankskincare@gmail.com     Oct 8, 2013

YES, I love the adhesive and the lashes!! I have been amazed at the improved time the lashes are lasting for my clients and so are they! I have several clients that travel for business and some who divide their time between another residence and here in Florida, so this is very important to them. I also love the tiny amount of adhesive required for each lash as well as the elimination of the cross-bonding issue. This is something I noticed immediately with my very first set.I must be honest, when I first saw the bottle of adhesive I was very skeptical that it would last the amount of time you indicated!! But I was very pleased!

Lisa Frank,
Bella Vita Salon, Spa & Boutique
Jacksonville Beach, Florida

​​Amy Tomasini - amy@facewaxtan.com     Sep 10, 2013

I am really enjoying the Rapid Dry Adhesive and have even purchased some lashes that I am enjoying too. I'm loving the products and am very particular about all the products I use and offer my clients. I have increased my time immensely using the Lashe technique and I feel it is more gentle on the clients' natural lashes vs. the previous brand's technique of sealing the entire lash with glue.

Amy Tomasini,
Face Wax Tan

​​Ali Henning: ali@blossomandwink.com     Aug 5, 2013

I absolutely love the Rapid Dry Adhesive!!! It's cut at least 20 minutes off my full sets! It's awesome!

Ali Henning,
Blossom & Wink

​​Berta Olague: bbeautybar@yahoo.com     Jul 25, 2013

I love your product!! I am now able to apply more lashes on the girls and every time I do them I get better.

Berta Olague,
B's Beauty Bar
Whittier, California 90604

​​Paula Schultz: fingerlookingood@shaw.ca     Jul 18, 2013

First I want to let you know that I absolutely love love love Rapid Dry. The product makes it so easy to apply lashes and makes my job much faster. I have been doing fills in an hour thanks to Rapid Dry. I've had amazing feedback. All the ladies have called or texted me back on how much they love their new lashes. The common comments are that they are so light and soft and feel so natural, just like their own. That makes me very happy.

Paula Schultz,
Finger Lookin' Good
Alberta, Canada

​​Shelly Swift, Lush Lashe: 407-772-4000     July 1, 2013

My "Lashe" Experience
I started working in the Eyelash Extension industry in 2006. I had researched many companies and paid a lot of money to manufacturers, who had claimed they could teach me how to do "magic" for my clients. I spent a lot of money, was very frustrated, and still walked away without much knowledge. With my background, that was scary!!

Then something magical happened, I was contacted by Nicole from "The Lashe". We talked on the phone for the first time for about an hour. It was "FANTASTIC" finding a like minded individual in this fledgling industry. She had the answers for my questions, and I had a few for her. It's not often you can speak with someone who is open to "your ideas", but she listened!!! I can't even begin to say how frustrated I was after talking with some of the Lash Industry Leaders, who would basically question my practices, before admitting they did not do all of "their homework" on a particular issue I may have had at the time. If Nicole did not have the answer, which rarely happened, she would research it and get back to me.

It has been a few years now that we have been working together, I have watched as this industry has grown into this amazing career choice for many stylist, I worry about the roads that they too will have to travel to get the education that I have. I know without a doubt, that any stylist I train with what I have learned is better equipped to handle any bumps in the road, and I owe most of it to Nicole. I recommend Nicole at The Lashe for education; this woman has put so much energy into all aspects from the best quality of lash to use as well as how the adhesive is manufactured. Did you know she was the first manufacturer to actually produce her adhesive here in the United States!!! Look into this, you will see that there is currently only 1 other, and they just recently started. Can you say "Afraid of the Competition???” Otherwise every bottle of adhesive would come from Asia.

The Lashe's lash extensions are "light-years" ahead of the others on the market. Sure I can buy cheaper, but my clients are worth the best!! The Lashe offers the lightest lashes on the market. They adhere better than any lash I have used. My client list has tripled because clients only need to see me every 4 weeks as opposed to the normal 2. I find that I work less, my clients are happy and I earn more using the products available to me from The Lashe. So why are you still reading this?? Call Nicole, get an education and purchase some products. She changed my life, let her change yours!!!

PS: Nothing gets between my models and their eye health but "THE LASHE"
PPS: The client pictured above has been wearing lashes since 2009

Shelly Swift,
Lush Lashe
Orlando's Premier Lash Enhancement Salon
697 Douglas Ave, Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714

​​Janice Collins: jpcollins@nycap.rr.com     Jul 28, 2013

I have used your Lashe glue since April and I absolutely love it. I have about 5-6 bottles of glue from other reputable companies, however, they cower to Lashe Glue! I can't tell you enough how awesome this product is. Thank you!!

Janice Collins,
Albany, NY

​​Eleanora McGarraugh: contact.us@accenttouch.com     May 22, 2013

Oh my God! It's like night and day with this glue. Love it! Love it! I got my lashes done and have gotten nothing but compliments. It lasts . . . and our customers are coming back less frequently already . . . we are so happy . . . happy!

Eleanora McGarraugh
Accen Touch
Denver, CO

​​Gisele Workman Tyler: geegeework@sbcglobal.net     Mar 6, 2013

I LOVE your products! Your glue is absolutely the best! It dries fast yet provides seamless adhesion without the 'clumpy' effect. I love the fact that when adjacent lashes bond temporarily, once they are separated the lashes are clean. Your lashes provide my clients with an elegant, glamorous yet natural look. BRAVO LASHE!

Gisele Workman Tyler
Weston, CT

​​Kassandra Terzakis: thedish@liveluxe.me     Jan 24, 2013

This is Kassandra at Luxe Nails and Spa in Topsfield, MA! I've been able to apply lashes to a good amount of clients using your products. I love the adhesive! It is so much easier to work with and causes less stress because it does not clump and stick together as what I was previously using. From my own feedback, and from the feedback of my clients, the lashes are much more natural feeling, which we love. So far we are very pleased with everything.

Kassandra Terzakis
Topsfield, MA

​​Amelia Grossman: amy@beautyonpremise.com     Oct 24, 2012

I have been a lash extensionist for 3 years. I just used the Rapid Dry Adhesive and I love it. It is so easy to work with and I like the consistency and that it stays fluid the entire time. I have been able to do a full set in less time which is great for my clients and also there are no fumes. The faster drying time allows me to not worry about my time and because the formula does not cause the lash to stick to another lash, I didn’t need to separate the lashes. Working with The Lashe is great! The Lashe gives detailed instructions on how to use the product and I had a phone representative review with me how to use the product. I have used many glues over the years and for one I noticed that this adhesive had no fume (many times I and other stylists get affected by the fumes). For me it was the consistency in the glue, not too liquidy, not too thick and the quick drying time that has sold me.

Amelia Grossman
Oakland Park, FL

​​Andrea Anderson: afanderson2002@yahoo.com     Oct. 19, 2012

I have been lashing for 7 years and I am a trainer. The Lashe's Rapid Dry Adhesive has provided me with superior quality work and making my work more credible in the industry. My two most significant improvements have been getting long lasting lashes and being more efficient. From an educator's perspective there is nothing like building a relationship with a company and brand that believes in you just as much as I believe in the brand. The quality of the adhesives are superior to any other out there not only for the quality but also the integrity and value behind the Rapid Dry Adhesive.

I am very passionate about The Lashe and it is a must to try! The Lashe's products are all recommended to my trainees due to its quality, personal identity and the fact that it is manufactured in the USA. As well as the education behind it, the research, and information that can be learned by picking up the phone and speaking to the company! That's what sold me!

Andrea Anderson
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

​​Hilaree Brand: hilareebrand@gmail.com     Oct. 18, 2012

I have been lashing for over 7 years and I train students. At one point in my career as a lash extensionist, lashing became a struggle because I as well as many of my clients were developing bad allergies to almost all adhesives on the market. Then one day, I found The Lashe! The Lashe was the answer to all my problems. I finally found The Rapid Dry Adhesive. It didn't cause allergic reactions to me or my clientele. Instead of having to leave the industry, I was able to continue and develop a thriving and prosperous lash business.

The Lashe's Rapid Dry Adhesive allows me to have a better application and a better hold and ultimately a fabulous look for my clients. Isolation has been made a piece of cake and has allowed me to attach more lashes in a minute than I could have dreamed of. Even better, it is fresh to the last drop.

The Lashe produces elite adhesives as well as having the best customer service out there. The staff is extremely prompt and are always willing to troubleshoot when I have a problem that has never been seen before.

All in all, The Rapid Dry Adhesive is the best quality product on the market today.

Hilaree Brand
Las Vegas, NV

​​Alex-     Oct. 18, 2012

Thank you for this ABSOLUTELY GREAT ADHESIVE!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I can easily say now that I've finally found what I've been looking for! It's absolutely amazing and really sturdy. I did the lashes on my mom and she has really sensitive eyes, but this one didn't even bother her. She also went swimming & got her eyes wet, but the lashes are staying on like nothing has happened. It's been 5 days now & she hasn't lost a single lash!!! LOVE IT!

White Rock
British Columbia, CANADA

​​Rachel Rivera: vintagebeauty@hotmail.com      Oct. 20, 2012

Thank you so much for contacting me. I am very happy with the results of the Lashe. I will remain a faithful consumer.

Bonne Vie Salon
157 East Morse Blvd.
Winter Park, FL 32789

​​Jennifer Balance: balancedbeaute@gmail.com      Oct. 18, 2011

Hello. My name is Jennifer Balance from Toronto. Wanted to thank Nicole for being so great while I switch product after 5 years of doing lashes. I hope this product remains exclusive in an over saturated market. I work from home but my quality is the best and has moved forward so much since I started with your company's product. So thankful. Here's a quick picture and if you guys want to see more please let me know.

Much respect,
Balanced Beaute
624-222 The Esplanade
Toronto, ON M5A4M8

​​Mila Brunsman: milashaircuts@gmail.com      Oct. 6, 2011

Hi Alison, we have tried several different brands of lash glue. Yours is easily the best!

Mila’s Haircuts and Salon
3997 E Grant Road
Tucson, AZ 85712

​​Shauna Magrath: info@beautyink.ca     Oct. 6, 2011

Excellence is what we strive for at The BeautyInk Gallery, therefore The Lashe is the ONLY product we use for our lash clients! With over two decades of award winning experience in the makeup and permanent cosmetic industry, we know what it takes to provide an outstanding product. For quality, integrity and advanced product knowledge, I can honestly say Nicole of The Lashe is pioneering the extension industry and leading the way for the future. Thank you for developing such a superior product with consistently great result!

Forever your Client,
Shauna Magrath, President of the BeautyInk Gallery
The Beautyink Gallery
Suite# 101-1529 West 6th Ave
Vancouver, B.C.

​​Pat Thomas: queenmum1945@msn.com     Sep. 20, 2011

I have been testing various lash adhesives for the past couple of years, and The Lashe Rapid Dry is by far the best and the only one I now use. The extension immediately bonds to the chosen lash without adhering to the neighboring lashes, which results in a quicker and cleaner application.

Pat Thomas
Skin Logic - Corrective Skincare Specialists
Austin TX

​​Rebecca Shorter: truecolorsindy@yahoo.com     Sep 20. 2011

"I have been doing lashes for about 2 years and have found Rapid Dry lash adhesive by The Lashe to perform beautifully. The extensions adhere easily and the drying time is quick”.

truecolorsindy.com 317-716-5797
Fishers, IN 46038

​​Mary Green: mary@hotblinks.com      Aug 15, 2011

I have been performing eyelash extension applications for almost four years here in the Austin, Texas area. I love the rapid dry adhesive. I have been using it for over a year and can't say enough good things about it. It is so easy to use and you use such a tiny amount! The adhesive is such a value! My clients love the fact that their extensions stay on longer and always look great! I've tried LOTS of other brands and nothing compares to this adhesive!!

Mary Green
Hot Blinks
805 South Main Street
Georgetown, Tx 78664

​​Paula Nygaard: nygaardfam@potlatch.com     Aug 15, 2011

Thank you Lash Team, I would love to give a testimonial! I am Paula Nygaard, DBA Wake up Beautiful. I have been doing lashes for 5 years and products just keep getting better and better. My Lash clients are very happy with the results we have been getting with the Rapid Dry Adhesive. I like the customer service and support from The Lash Team getting prompt answers to questions either by email and phone calls. So thank you from me and my clients.

Paula Nygaard
Wake up Beautiful
805 N Main, Suite 102
Moscow, Idaho 83843208/310-9744
thank you again!!!

​​​Paula Elvey: pelvey@farnell.com     Aug 6, 2011

Paula Elvey @ Blinkers Lashes & Brows.
Master Lash Technician for over 2.5 years, based in Newbury & Swindon in UK.
Email:pelvey:o2email.co.uk Tel: 07590 424392.
"I have been using Rapid Dry for six months now and can honestly say that it is by far the most effective adhesive I have used. My clients now receive cleaner, more natural and longer lasting lashes than before and always come back for more! As a technician, I love to use it because I am faster and also am able to put more lashes on. Can't do without it!"

Many thanks,

​​​​Andrea Kowalczyk: hairsuds@aol.com     Aug 5, 2011

I absolutely LOVE your adhesive! I thought I was taught by the best and had the best products to offer until I found you!!! I am a very intense, lash stylist, and I love the fast drying... Long lasting... Results!

AKstudiO LLC 220 Walton St @ Marisa's
Syracuse, NY
I have been doing lashes for 5yrs

​​​​Donna Haven: heavenlysilver@gmail.com     Jul 26, 2011

I do like the fact that the adhesive dries so rapidly and the fumes are not as strong as others I have used in the past. It also seems to be more pliable.
Have been doing lashes for 3 years.

Thank you,
Donna Haven
Beyond Beauty
God owns we manage
Louisville, KY

​​​​Veanessa Burbage: v@affordableenhancements.com     Jul 20, 2011

My name is Veanessa Burbage and I am the President of Affordable
Enhancements LLC located in SW Littleton Colorado
7991 Shaffer Parkway Suite 201
Littleton, Co. 80127
Testimonial: I have been doing "lashes" since 2004. I have used just about every glue on the market (I can name names all would recognize). By far---The Lashe adhesive is the best! Period end of story! Please ad me to any news, mailings or social media promotions you may have.

Veanessa Burbage

​​​​Janet Gilbert: biltor1@googlemail.com     Jul 20, 2011

I have been doing lash extensions for about 2 1/2 yrs and have tried many adhesives but none are as good as The Lashe adhesive. I get 3/4 weekly infill’s rather than the normal 2/3 weeks and I think this makes it more affordable in this current climate. My clients comment on how they last longer than with other adhesives.

Beauty That Lasts Janet Gilbert
Biltor Road, Ipplepen, Newton Abbot, Devon UK

​​​​Michelle Bouse: michellebouse@me.com     Jul 17, 2011

I have been doing lashes for 5 1/2 years now! (Wow, time flies). I do 25-30 lash services a week, so at first I was a little unsure of trying a new adhesive. Everyone at The Lashe was so kind and patient with me while I asked questions and tried their samples. Once I was comfortable with the application and saw the results in returning fills, I was sold! Many of my clients have been with me for many years, when they say they LOVE the new adhesive I know it's a keeper. Thank you for creating a product that is far superior to many currently on the market. Finally the "new generation" of adhesive! I love that you paid attention to what we needed as professionals and delivered. This adhesive has a much quicker drying time with less fumes and no lash to lash "sticking". Definitely a must try for all lash professionals. I recommend it to all my students.

Michelle Bouse
Burbank, CA
4110 W Riverside Drive
Beauty Boutique - Toluca Lake

​​​​Courtney Akai: Courtney@courtneyakai.com     Jul 11, 2011

"I really like the glue. Works well. Really wonderful glue. Even clients who are very sensitive can tolerate the glue."

Courtney Akai
Courtney Akai Lash Boutique
501 5th avenue
Lashes since 2004